Month: November 2018

How To Treat Prostate Cancer With Laser Ablation

Prostate cancer is very hard to detect. Many men do not have symptoms or may attribute the symptoms to another condition. After a diagnosis, you should pursue treatment immediately.

If the cancer is left untreated, then it can spread to other parts of your body. Read on to find out how to treat prostate cancer with laser ablation.

Expect To Sleep

This procedure requires you to go under anesthesia. You have to lie on your back with your legs raise above your hips. A probe is inserted into your rectum to create an image of your prostate. This image is projected on a monitor. It is used by your doctor to determine where to insert the needles.

Prepare For Laser Therapy

Urology lasers are often used to treat bladder and upper urinary tract urothelial tumors. Prostate ablation uses lasers to treat conditions related to the prostate. This treatment destroys your cancer using energy. It works by probing small needles through the skin into your prostate.

An alternative is using an ultrasound to apply energy into your rectum. Your doctor will choose the best method for your condition. Prostate ablation treatments cause temperature changes that kill your cancer cells.

Taken To Recovery

It is common for your doctor to check for other things while you are in this position. Your doctor may place a scope into your urethra that runs through to your bladder and prostate. He or she is looking for any abnormalities that may affect your procedure. After completing the treatment, you are taken to a recovery room.

Treatment can change your quality of life regardless of the type of cancer. Many men are concern about side effects when deciding on the right approach. It is important to give careful thought about treatment, because prostate cancer is very complex. … Read More