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How to Find the Best Dog Crate

Crate training is important when you’re training your puppy or dog. When it is done the right way, you can leave your home confidently knowing that you won’t return to a mess brought about by your beloved canine. In order to crate train your dog properly, you have to choose the right dog crate. The following tips will help you find the best dog crate.

Measuring your dog is the first thing you have to do before purchasing a dog crate. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to get a small crate that your dog will not fit in. A small crate will make the dog uncomfortable and it will be very difficult to get him in willingly. Look for a crate with the right length, width, and height to ensure your dog is comfortable.

After you have measured your dog, don’t just get a crate that matches its dimensions exactly. You need to go for something that is slightly bigger. A 17-inch crate would be the ideal length for a dig that is 14-inches long. This will provide more room for your dog to turn. Don’t go for a very large crate that your dog might want to use for bathroom reasons too.

Keep in mind the material you need your dog crate to be made from when shopping. The most common types are plastic and wire crates and for various reasons. Depending on your budget or preferences, any of these will definitely work well for your dog. While both crates can be assembled and dissembled easily, it is easier to transport a wire crate than a plastic one with your dog inside.

If you have a bigger crate that gives your dog more space that it is necessary, then you have to get a divider. It is also important to buy a divider when you are getting a big crate that your dog can grow in. These dividers are not expensive and will also come with some large dog crates. Make sure to enquire during purchase.

Crates are excellent for dogs because they do help in controlling their movement when you are hosting a party or meeting at your home. It is also necessary when travelling with your dog or flying in a plane. While its main job is to restrict movement, don’t go for crates that will make your dog feel like it is restricted from doing anything. This will help your dog to remain comfortable during the entire period he is in the crate.

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