Coctail For losing weight, for beautiful and sexy body

At this time the ideal appearance is very desirable by everyone either male or female. So Coctail For losing weight, for beautiful and sexy body found in some information in the mass media. This is very influential on the condition of every person’s Psychology.
Open clothes can not always show female sexy aura. Instead, the body shape becomes the main capital in order to look sexy. Want to have a lean slim belly? Here are some cocktails to lose body, for beautiful body and sexy.

A. Avoid strict diet
Diet can control weight, but that does not mean you have to do it excessively. The skinny body does not display your sexiness at all.
B. Jogging
You do not have to treadmill for hours just to lose weight. Simply do jogging in the morning or late afternoon to burn calories.
C. Lift butterfly
The essence of a woman’s body is the beauty of her breasts. Do the butterfly elevator to help tighten the shape of the breast. Lie on the bench. Hold the dumbbell in both hands and lift it straight up. Perform movement up and down when lifting dumbbell to tighten breasts.
D. Form a butt
Buttocks are tight and solid will certainly look beautiful. Perform a buttock-toning exercise every time aerobics. For those of you who are married, Kegel exercises are also good for firming ass area.
E. Forming feet
Most women need to exercise on the legs. This is because they tend to accumulate fat in the lower body. The exercise is easy enough. Simply lift your feet up while lying down. Repeat in 15 counts.
G. Join the dance class
All types of dance will help you lose weight. To form a beautiful body, you may be able to join a dance class. Belly dance and salsa also include a dance type that can beautify the body.
H. Drink water regularly 8 glasses per day. Maybe you have often listen to the suggestion of drinking water, but this will really be effective for your diet program. And of course avoid drink containing soda and high sugar.
I. Drink Lemon Water
Start every morning by drinking lemon juice. How to make it quite easy, can by soaking pieces of lemon on a glass of water (infused water). Or you can squeeze the lemon and mix it with water.
Replace your snack every day by eating fresh fruit mix or fruit at the hour you eat snack.
J Stop eating when it’s past the sunset, this is to rest your stomach from the ingress of food.