Home Renovation Fee Roof Materials

To renovate the house, including the cost of renovating the roof of the house. The roof becomes the most important scene of a dwelling or home. The section that serves to protect the occupants and also the scene in the house from the heat or rain. The materials used to make the roof of the house vary widely. The roof is one of the most popular materials used by our society.You can hire a construction company if you want.

These are some of the rooftops and reviews of advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Roof Tile

Roof tile is made of several main materials. Clay tile is the most economical.

You just measure how wide and calculate how many tiles are needed. In addition to made from clay, tile is also derived from a ceramic material, a metal which has a higher price. Installation of roof tile requires more wood. However, roof tile is still trusted by the public as the best choice because it makes the house cool and pleasing to the eye.

  1. Shingle Roof

There are two types of shingle roof. Shingles of wood and fiber. The quality of the wood used should be well chosen. Wooden shingle prices tend to be more expensive than tile materials. While the modern or fiber-shaped ones have almost the same shape. The shape of a rectangular shingle roof is pointed. Shingle roof is widely used for traditional houses, palace or kingdom.

  1. Metal Roof (light steel)

For those of you who like the shape of a modern roof can choose a roof made of mild steel. The material is light and the price is not too expensive now a lot of tunes. This roof is suitable for buildings that have large enough size. The price is cheaper and the installation is easier because the size is wide.

  1. Asbestos Roof

The asbestos roof is also often made a choice. Asbestos is used not for home scenes. Asbestos is usually used for luggage, kitchen, backyard, or for clothesline scenes. Because this asbestos material has many weaknesses. The part of the house that is covered with asbestos when the weather is hot will be very hot and if the weather is cool will feel very cold. The renovation of a minimalist house with the asbestos roof is also very easy because the design of wood and asbestos installation is quite simple, facilitate the carpenter in removing and installing new asbestos.

If you plan to renovate the roof of the house, choose the appropriate material. You can rent a roofing contractor. Consider some things, such as the comfort of the inhabitants, the beauty of the shape of the building, and the quality of the material. Material quality is very influential for comfort, especially if the weather changes frequently. Adjust also to the details of the price/cost of renovation of the roof of the house above.