Sharing Expertise in Your Field in Printed and Digital Editions

Professionals in the dental industry rely on their peers to share insight and information with them. They may not necessarily have the time to attend conferences, workshops, and seminars where their peers give lectures and presentations, however. Instead, they count on this information being made available in printed and digital publications like a dental newspaper, trade magazine, or journal of dental implantology.

When you have information you would like to share with your peers, you may wonder how you can contribute this insight without traveling to a faraway conference or meeting. You can write an article for the journal by using the editorial guidelines found on the website.

Abiding by the Editorial Guidelines

You are a dentist by trade and not a professional writer. In fact, writing may have always been one of your weaker areas in school. You may have long forgotten grammar rules you learned in primary school.

You do not have to worry about embarrassing yourself with your writing if you follow the editorial guidelines found on the website. The website contains information about how to create articles for the journal and what mistakes to avoid in your writing. As long as you follow those rules, you could have your submissions approved on the first try.

Subscribing Online

Of course, if you write an article for the professional journal, chances are that you are going to want to see it in print. You also may want to read the online comments to see how people reviewed your article and if the information you shared was helpful to anyone.

You can get fast access to the present copy of the journal as well as archived issues by subscribing to it online. The subscription link is found on the journal’s website and allows you to start reading copies of the journal today. You avoid having to mail in a check or money order to become a subscriber to it.

You may have important information you want to share with your peers. You can write for the professional journal by following the editorial standards made available online today.