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The Benefits Of Owning A Hanging Garden It is commonly known that land is among the most limited properties one can own. Those people who live in a city hardly find any extra space in their homes. This is a serious drawback since the limited space limit a lot of activities. Developing a garden in this place that is highly scrambled is a luxury, something that it might not even happen. If you live in this area, and you want a garden, vertical garden, also termed eco- wall or the hanging garden is your best option. Vertical garden is widely known, and it was invented by a famous botanist. This type of gardening has been described as a type of vegetation where cages, nets, and stakes are used in the planting of vegetation. There are many benefits that come with vertical gardens and most of them are so obvious, and others are not. With all these advantages, vertical gardening is the best investments in limited land areas. Eco- wall gardening is very efficient in various practical circumstances. If your home has limited space, the best solution is to employ vertical gardening. Smaller planting beds which have small spots or strips of fertile soil is the best in such place compared to horizontal gardens. It is not mandatory that you should use beds as there are other means. One can use tower pots which will allow plants to grow upwards. You will commit a little amount of money to your garden hence the investment is cheap. There are many problems associated with horizontal gardens as they are highly infested by pests and associated with many diseases. In eco- wall gardens, the plants are lifted up from the ground, and this reduces the problem of pests infestations. The plants are lifted above the ground hence they will have sufficient air circulation which eliminates chances of fungus attacks. The vegetation in the eco- wall gardens are clean, and even the fruits and they grow perfectly well with minimal damages. The vertical gardens are easy to manage, and you can easily spot pests and remove them out with a strong jet of water. You will not need to wash the garden soil and the fruits and vegetables.
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Vertical gardens involve the use of smaller beds, and you don’t have tended the soil any much. There is little tilting of the soil required in this gardening. You will need simple managements and care in this kind of gardening. The tasks here are so simple that you only need less time. Harvesting in vertical gardening is also very easy. Watering of the plants in vertical gardens is simple.
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You will enjoy privacy as the eco- gardens are used as privacy screens or even to cover any wall of the building. You can decide to add plants that will be attractive in the garden making your home beautiful.