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Benefits of Scaling and Planing

Those who take care of their teeth will maintain good overall health. There are things you may not be able to do to your teeth, to keep them healthy. Regular brushing and flossing of your teeth ensure you remove plaque that may form on them. Your teeth have surfaces only specialist machines can reach.

The remedy for this is a procedure called dental scaling and cleaning. Those who know about I are few. When scaling and planing, your dentist has to employ some machines to remove the plaque. The dentist may also go ahead and use an ultrasonic machine to complete the process. The the procedure of scaling targets the areas around and below the gum line, which effectively removes tartar. Since a brush cannot reach the plaque there, it hardens to form tartar.

Once scaling has been done, the dentist then does the procedure of planing. After scaling, your teeth will be left with rough surfaces. By planing, they become smooth. It results in smoother and cleaner teeth. It will also be hard for plaque to form on these smooth surfaces.
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These two procedures of scaling and planning are very effective in preventing gum diseases such as gingivitis. Scaling has been shown to also hinder the progression of tooth decay. Preventing their development early enough ensures they don’t become a problem in future. This saves you from more complicated dental procedures. Ensuring no gum diseases are prevalent will also save you from other adverse diseases such as the increased risk of heart attack and stroke. When you consider this possibility, it is prudent to arrange for regular scaling and planing of your teeth.
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During the procedures and scaling and planing, you can have your dentist place antibiotics in your gum areas where gum disease is likely to sprout, thereby ensuring they do not happen quickly, if at all. Regular visits to the dentist also gives them an opportunity to review and monitor your dental condition, and advise you accordingly, especially if you are susceptible to developing tartar much easier. If you happen to have such teeth, you will need to do these visits. They will also benefit from these regular visits, for record keeping purposes.

Regular visits to the dentist for scaling and planing will result in overall better health. You will also suffer less from those regular conditions such as bad breath or the development of yellowish teeth due to infrequent and poor teeth cleaning. It is in the best interests of your teeth, and as a preventative measure, to have your dentist regularly do scaling and planing procedures, in order to maintain perfect teeth and to avoid undergoing costly, painful and stressing dental procedures.