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Portable Green Screens: Everything You Need to Know

If you dabble in video production, or even if you are a seasoned professional, you owe it to yourself to give a portable green screen a try. Often overlooked, it’s one of the best ways to make your workflow easier. Yes, the same green screens you see on the weather channel. They make it easy to include the background of your choice in your videos. Their simplicity is one of their best features; all that’s required of you is to be in front of the screen as you film. Afterward, use a straightforward editing tool to add the background.

Emphasize Portability When You Buy

Whether you’re looking for a webcam background or a backdrop for a large, expensive set, try to keep it portable. Luckily, there are many portable green screens on the market. If you find yourself needing to film at a moment’s notice in a poorly lit or otherwise difficult location, having your green screen with you will definitely come in handy.

Green Screens Provide Flexibility

Such a screen will also help you be much more flexible during production. One way to appreciate the advantages is to consider how difficult and expensive manual set creation is, and how much simpler a green screen would make cinematography in many cases. Being able to include more than one setting in your videos in such an easy way is priceless. What’s even better, it can be done from a single filming spot. It’s no longer necessary to organize and effectively schedule multiple travels to distant locations. You have everything you need with you at all times.

They’re Easy on Your Budget

Of course, the most obvious benefit of using a portable backdrop is the amount of money they save. It’s also possible to accomplish this without skimping on quality. A common goal is to shoot the same video with more than one background. In this case, a green screen will save untold amounts of time as well. Without the screen, you would have had to film the same thing several times and perhaps even travel to a different setting. There are countless other potential issues that are prevented in advance by using a green screen, including troublesome weather, traffic, and special events that cause crowding.

Green Screens Make it Easy to Be Consistent

There’s nothing that kills your video quality faster than poor continuity. If you have several locations, the potential for inconsistency goes up even more. If regularity is important to your video, it is often very difficult to keep elements of your setting uniform in more than one venue. Portable screens also simplify some features of the scene like lighting and color, which can otherwise be hard to predict. You will enjoy being able to control the editing of our film down to the finest detail.

As you can see, portable green screens can be indispensable. Along with the right equipment, they can take your films a much-needed boost.

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