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Different Types Of Acne Treatments Every case of acne is different from the others and every form of acne treatment will create a different effect on the skin. This is the main reason why you see some OTC creams that work for one but prove to be useless to others. Say for example that over the counter facial washes and creams are not doing the trick, then these tried and tested methods can be a big help in making your skin feel and look cleaner than before. Number 1. Deep pore cleansing – such treatment for acne helps cutting out dirt and bacteria buildup underneath the surface of skin. As soon as the pores are opened, all dirt will be exposed and the face is properly cleaned which will rinse everything away resulting to a face that looks amazing and feels fresh. On the other hand, before seeing visible results, it is going to require several therapy appointments. Number 2. Acne laser therapy – say that your face is covered in scars and you want to get rid of it, this approach is what you should take. You will see the results almost immediately after few appointments so you won’t ever have to feel embarrassed as you walk down the street. And one thing that you will love about this treatment is that, the results are known to last longer than other products.
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Number 3. Birth control – this particular type of acne treatment will require the use of birth control pills which has been proven to be very effective against cases that are brought by hormonal imbalance. Birth control pills as a matter of fact can help in balancing the hormones, lessening the amount of blemishes and effectively decrease the number of pimples that are popping up overnight. However, when you stop taking the pill, people notice that their pimples are coming back once again.
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Number 4. Cut back on dairy – according to recent studies, milk isn’t bashed for no reason. With the study conducted, it has concluded that those who have cut back on their dairy had lesser acne breakouts compared to those who didn’t. They believe that this is all because of the hormones found in milk and virtually all milk products have such. Even the organic milks found to have such hormones. Thus, trying to cut back or better yet, eliminate them from your diet can surely reduce the amount of bits you’re dealing with. This effectively works if you combine them with other acne treatments. You also want to consider making a change to your lifestyle and diet to be able to lessen acnes in your face such as eating more fruits, less junk foods, less grease, less sugar and avoiding fast food.