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Ways Painting Contractors Should be Selected It is difficult to tell whether the professional painting company that we are hiring is reputable of they are simply masquerading as a professional painting company, since it is possible to have really great advertisements today which are cheap and with local targets, and not be the same company as you are advertising. This has caused thousands that has been preyed upon by these gophers who are later on discovered to be inexperienced, unlicensed and unqualified people or companies to begin with. To add to this, it has also been widened up by many homeowners who are so focused on “how much”, presupposing that as long as those people in that company knows how to paint, then there is nothing more to consider. Sadly, you are allowing these guys to have a reign over you When you are considering a painting company to hire, there are questions that you need to answer that will help you identify the professional contractors from the unlicensed ones. If you have answered these questions positively, then you regain authority over the matter. This job has high stakes since you house will a lot of rearrangements and climbing that goes with it. This means that property damage is conceivable and the workman’s liability; which is imputable, can likely take place. Make sure that the painting contractor you will choose is insured so in cases of damaged, the liability will not be upon you. So when damages or mishaps occur, you can be sure that you are protected from bearing liability. If you are in doubt as to their insurance coverage, simple verify it by calling their insurance company and ask if their account is still current and active. It is important to do this because many contractors sometime don’t get insurance coverage because it is very costly, especially workmen’s compensation. It is also easy to change expiration dates on insurance policies so what they might be showing you is an expired business liability and workman’s compensation coverage, and this makes it really important for you to verify their insurance.
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After dealing with insurance, the next important thing is to be concerned about their presence in your home. Many homes have been burglarized, injured or even killed by crews. That is why it is also good to inquire from the painting company how they hire their workers. You should try to find out if the painting company hires people with clean criminal backgrounds.
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Find out if the company has assigned a project manager for the painting job. Often, this is not the case. Sometimes the estimator or the owner is only seen during negotiations or at the start of the project. IF there is a project manager thing don’t need to get out of hand.