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All You Need To Know About Roman Jewelry Many designs in jewelry and other architectures are dated back to roman empire. An the idea of using jewelry trended when Hellenistic and Etruscan introduced their designs in the jewelry lovers. The advancement of Roman jewelry led to introduction of jewelry with colored stones where the precious stones like sapphires and rubies were very popular at the time. The glass was the only medium of exchange in the jewelry trade. The use of glass as the medium of exchange was used at the start of the Roman empire but this change during the Augustan age as more jewels made of glass was spread everywhere. Before the Augustan empire, the jewelry dealers were very conservative on the type of gemstones they were buying but this changed when the Rome empire expanded and this led to creativity in relation to making of jewelry. In the ancient Rome, the officials concentrated mainly on expanding the roman empire. The quest influenced a lot in the designing of their jewels. The designers used their expertise in designing the jewels and also used the influences from the conquest of other nation to come up with a good styling. Creation of an attractive jewelry design was the main target for this jewelers.
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Some of the jewelry items that were valued very much was the rings. They were the symbol of Rome. Ancient Roman ladies who belong to a certain class in the society used to wear eye catching rings on their hands. The main purposes of this rings were used to communicate a message to people than the woman belonged to a higher social class than the others. The bracelets and earrings were also used by these ladies to add to their beauty.
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The Rome culture remains with us as it is seen in modern designs that borrowed the art from the ancient Rome like the cameo pendant. The the pendant is widely used by women globally. The hoop earrings that were used to be worn by Roman women is now available on the market today. In today society, it is common to see women with a pair of hoop earrings in her jewelry safe. The way of life in the ancient Roman influenced many things that we still use today as the art of jewelry designing. The Roman designing of precious stones remain the best when you want to buy a jewel. Women in the ancient Rome used to wear the rings in order to be identified with a particular aristocratic family. Generally, the necklaces were invented but they were very expensive depending the materials used to make this luxurious and expensive jewelry, and only a few people were able to enjoy after purchasing it.