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Why Your Kid Should Play a Puzzle Game Since time immemorial, puzzles have been used to help people organize their thoughts. Long ago, puzzles were only meant for adults but times have changed and they are being developed for kids. It is, therefore, important to get your child a puzzle for proper development. Kids who are new to puzzles should start with those that have simple outlines to fitted in their corresponding cutouts. The kid should play this game repeatedly until he or she is conversant with it before you get a tougher puzzle. There are many complex puzzles to choose from depending on the level of complexity that your kid is comfortable. Top benefits of puzzles for kids
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Always consider the benefits of a puzzle to your kid before your purchase one. When a kid is left with a puzzle, there are three basic skills that can be learnt. These skills are consistent across different kinds of puzzle games.
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The first and most important skills gained by kids when they play puzzle games is physical skills. This is important for the kids to perfect the coordination between their hands and eyes. This shows the way the mind coordinates physical activities in order to reach a favorable solution. Other physical skills they will gain include gross motor skills and fine motor skills. While solving the puzzles, kids get cognitive skills. These skills are important to help kids understand their surroundings in the world. Kids are able to understand what is around them and work towards understanding and solving problems around them. They will recognize shapes and work out how they fit in a complex puzzle. With the kids being able to remember shapes, their memory will be boosted. Problem solving is also another skill learnt in the process as your kids attempts to fit shapes in places hoping that the one picked would fit properly. The last set of skills gained by a kid while playing a puzzle game is emotional skills. He or she will learn something about setting goals. Their first goal will to be solve the puzzle while the next one would be to align the strategies and make up a solution to that puzzle. Kids will also have to consider the colors and shapes of the puzzle in the process of solving it. Another important skill that the kid will learn is patience. With all these skills that puzzles help develop in your kid, it is paramount for you to get you to get your kid a puzzle early enough. This is a great way to ensure that your kid gains knowledge that is necessary in development.